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All the stories I've posted to my personal LJ should be tagged, but if you're searching for one story in particular it is always easier to simply browse a list rather than scroll through pages and pages of tagged entries. Additionally, things I've posted to comms have not always been posted to my personal LJ as well, so this is a way to keep track of everything. 

IMPORTANT: Some of my stories are romantic in nature and others aren't. I don't write smut, I don't write m-preg and I don't write incest.

Most stories are rated PG-13 or less, anything that I feel deserves a higher rating has been marked as such. Consider this your warning.

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killer toaster

I haz a new blog!

If anyone is interested in checking it out, I have recently started up a Wordpress blog about the native plants, animals and ecosystems of my regional area.

Riverina Wildlife

Because apparently I don't have enough websites and social media sites that I fail to update/visit as regularly as I should. But it has pictures of birds on it, and will hopefully be updated at least once a month, so feel free to head on over and have a look if you're interested. :)

And in scary news...

I know this made international news, so you may have already heard that some bastard with a gun took a cafe full of people hostage at Martin Place in Sydney this morning, about 12 hours ago as I write this. Five people have either escaped or been released and an undisclosed number of hostages remain inside. There are no reports of any casualties.

This is not something that happens in Australia very often, so there's this feeling of "Holy fuck, what? This sort of shit doesn't happen" about the whole thing, made all the more so by the fact that I've been to that cafe. I can remember going there with my sister to try their hot chocolate, so I can identify to some degree with the poor hostages, because they're people like me who went somewhere I've been, and then the world turned insane and terrifying on them.

It's also been a bit of a nervous day for my family, as my brother-in-law works in an office building on Martin Place, and he and his co-workers were confined to their building all day, as the site was locked down by police in case the situation took a turn for the worse. But they've been allowed to leave now and he's home safe, which is a relief. I hope the families of the people in the cafe will be able to say the same tomorrow. I'm also hoping the inevitable back-lash against Muslim and Middle Eastern people (and hell, probably even Sikhs and others who wear turbans and head scarves) will be minimal, because no innocent people should have to suffer for the actions of one insecure arsehole with a power fetish and a flag - or a bunch of insecure arseholes with power fetishes and the 'justification' of retaliating against someone else's actions.

Update: The seige is over, most of the hostages are safe, but two are dead, at least two more wounded, some of the police involved were injured and the gunman holding the hostages is also dead. Sadly not the peaceful resolution I was hoping to wake up to this morning.

You want to support these crowd-funded projects

You do, trust me. I am super excited about the launch of these projects, although I have a horrible feeling that putting up all 25 at once might mean that they won't all get funded, with the further possibility that none will get funded, due to people trying to put a little money to each, and none of them getting quite enough. So go pledge!

Basically, the Australian National Landcare Forum was held last week, and the crowd-funding platform Pozible launched a new Landcare & Environment collection of projects. 15 Australian projects and 10 from various other countries, all looking for crowd-funding to do various environmental projects - some research, some habitat restoration, some education programs, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. They all look really great, so I am trying to encourage everyone I know to go support at least some of them, and to please pass the link around. If we can get even some of these projects fully funded they will achieve great things, and will also serve as an example of how crowd-funding can be a viable tool in environmental conservation, hopefully leading to more great projects being launched and funded in future.

Pozible Landcare and Environment Collection

The 'Bunyip Bird' project is being run by people I know, in my broadly local area, but some of the other projects are also being run by people I know, and as I said all of them look really great and will achieve important things if they get funded, so go have a read and if you have a few dollars to spare please support whichever projects you best like the sound of.

I am assuming that Pozible accepts pledges/payments from countries other than Australia. To do otherwise would be amazing stupid. 
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My parents and visiting aunt just dropped in briefly on their way to my sister's place, because my dad needed to return something to me, and my aunt (who is from Sydney and doesn't visit often) wanted to see my house.

Not only did they arrive half an hour before I was expecting them, thus scuppering my plans of being dressed and having started cleaning my currently horribly disgusting house before they got here, but I didn't realise until after they left that front and centre on the bookcase my dad had been showing my aunt, as he demonstrated that I have my own 'library' room, my Arthur and Merlin action figures were positioned as if making out. I put them like that a few weeks ago when I was re-reading 'The Student Prince', and never re-positioned them afterward. It's possible no-one noticed, but it's also possible my parents and aunt have now abruptly discovered that I don't just make my action figures fight dragons.

Hello Poppets!

This is a shameless plug for my sister's new maternity and nursing clothing webstore, Hello Poppet

It won't actually be of interest to most of you, because a) you're probably not in the market for maternity wear, and b) she only ships within Australia, but you should totally go check it out anyway because she made the scrolling banners herself and a lot of the webdesign, and it looks pretty. Also, if you happen to know anyone who might be interested in purchasing maternity or nursing wear in Australia, please pass the link on. We're trying to get as much word-of-mouth promotion as possible, and the store's only been operational for a week, so I figure it may need a bit of a leg-up. :)


How are you all? I am terribly unwell, myself. ('Terribly' is an overstatement, I have a mild cold.) I keep getting sick this winter, every two or three weeks I catch something else and it is really annoying, and I keep missing days of work, and then I feel like I look like a slacker and worry that my boss will get pissed off at me, even though I am legitimately sick and trying to be responsible by not spreading my germs around to my workmates, and also my boss is nice, but I worry anyway.

And speaking of work: I am currently working part-time at two jobs (both an hour's drive from home, in opposite directions), and doing occasional days at a casual job (walking distance from my house, which is a novel experience), and I have confirmed work for the next six months, which is a nice change from the past 12 months (or 16 months, or whatever it is by now) where I had either no work, or only one part-time job that continually faced the prospect of running out every three months. So having an actual semi-secure income for a while is a nice feeling.

But how are you all?

GOOD free books!

With terribly ironic timing I bought Tamara Allen's latest book for a dollar yesterday, triumphantly tweeted about it, and have just found a reply from Tamara herself offering to refund my dollar because for the next two days it's free, as are most of her other books.

This from her blog:

Two day free-for-all at Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks, every book except Whistling in the Dark.

For Whistling, I have three print copies with the new cover. If you’d like a copy, email me. I’ll draw winners for the copies on May 1st.

So, if you like good historic m/m romance and don't yet have all of her books, go get 'em while they're free!


Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Charis and Saskia!

I have been super busy with ALL THE THINGS these last few weeks, but I hope you both had lovely, lovely birthdays. *BIG SQUISHY BIRTHDAY HUGS*


I haz part-time work! Woohoo!

2 days a week for 3 months, but it might lead to more, and means I'll be able to afford Christmas presents and things this summer, which is good. My family wouldn't mind if I couldn't get them presents, but I would.

Also: my family, friends and I are all okay after the bushfires, although with the season having started there are of course still fires burning in various parts of the state, and will continue to be fires burning until next autumn, because that's how Australia works, sadly. Hopefully we won't get any more really bad ones this year, that would be nice.

Also, also: my other sister is having a baby. :D (And she's working on the new Mad Max film in what sounds like a very responsible position.)

So that's lots of good things. I hope you all have good things going on too. :)